As we age, people begin looking for ways to make themselves feel and look younger.

While eating a healthy diet, exercising, and drinking enough water are a few tried-and-true ways to feel better, there are a couple of lesser-known tactics to make you feel healthier. 

Everything from smiling more often to trying new things can help make you look and feel young again.

Here are 18 little things you can do every day to make you feel younger.

Get outside and exercise.

Not only will going for a long walk or a short jog make you feel more productive and get your endorphins flowing, but participating in aerobic exercises can actually increase older people's metabolisms and allow for easier healthy weight management. 

Exercising can also improve your muscle tone, making you stronger and less prone to age-related muscle loss.

Smile more often.

Did you know that smiling can automatically make you look younger?

One study from 2016 found that college-aged participants were more likely to think male participants were older if they exhibited sad facial expressions compared to neutral expressions. On the other hand, happy faces were more often judged as younger.

Smiling can also make you feel younger — studies have said smiling can lift your mood, lower stress, boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, and even make your lifespan longer.

Adopt or foster a new pet.

Studies have shown that adopting a pet can help people live a much happier, healthier lifestyle. Between walks in the park, cuddling with your new best friend, and throwing the ball around in the backyard, owning a new pet can give you a new sense of purpose and make you feel years younger.

Take an online class.

Continuously learning new skills can help your mind stay sharp, improve your self-confidence, and give you a feeling of accomplishment each and every day.

There are a variety of online courses that can help you improve your skills in everything from cooking to coding, learning a new language, math, or personal wellness.

Listen to the music you used to love as a teenager ...

The next time you want to feel a little younger, throw on some of your favorite songs from your youth — you may just be mentally transported back to the time when you first heard them.

According to several studies, music is one of the most powerful triggers to help bring back memories. According to Psychology Today, one study from Australian researchers Amee Baird and Séverine Samson, from the University of Newcastle in Australia, used popular music to help severely brain-injured patients recall personal memories.

Other studies have also found that music can activate regions of the brain linked to autobiographical memories and emotions. 

... or watch one of your favorite old movies.

This summer, drive-in movie theaters across the country are seeing a resurgence in popularity and playing tons of classic favorites that are fun for the whole family.

Watching some of your favorite old movies can also trigger powerful memories. Sitting down to a marathon of the 1980s' "Brat Pack" movies can instantly take you back to the days of coiffed hair and Madonna, while movies from the '50s and '60s can make you reminisce on simpler days grabbing a bite at a local diner.

Have a glass of wine.

There's scientific research to back up the idea that red wine may make you look and feel younger. According to Medical News Today, red wine is rich in antioxidants, can promote cardiovascular health, lower the risk of coronary heart disease, and promote healthy blood pressure.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School also recently found that the compound resveratrol, which is found in red wine, has been linked to having anti-aging properties and may lead to a longer lifespan. However, more research on the connection is needed in order to determine a true link between the compound and better health.

Be intimate with your partner.

According to one study from 2013 by British psychologist Dr. David Weeks, engaging in sexual intercourse can make you look and feel seven years younger. 

"Sexuality is definitely not the prerogative of younger people and nor should it be," he said. "Sexual satisfaction is a major contributor to quality of life."

According to Weeks, physical intimacy can activate feel-good chemicals and natural painkillers in the body, ease anxiety, and make it easier for older people to sleep soundly at night.

Reconnect with old friends.

As people spend time at home, now may be the perfect opportunity to reconnect with friends you may have lost touch with over the years, whether that be over the phone, social media, or video call.

Reaching out to friends from your younger years can mentally set back the clock, and reflecting on old memories and good times can make you remember what it felt like to be young. 

Drink more water.

Staying well-hydrated can make you feel more energized, giving you the fuel you need to get through your day feeling as youthful as possible. Drinking enough water not only makes you feel good, but staying hydrated can also promote more supple hydrated skin.

Eat a healthy diet, but don't be afraid to have a treat every now and again.

"Generally speaking, you're going to feel best when you're getting a good balance of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in your meal, paired with some amount of produce. Achieving that kind of balance is going to make you feel a little bit more energetic," nutritionist Rachael Hartley previously told Insider. 

However, while eating a healthy diet can definitely make you look and feel your best, part of feeling youthful is also about having fun and not taking life too seriously. Have an ice cream cone with your grandkids, or eat an unhealthy snack that reminds you of your childhood — just make sure you're doing so in moderation.

Try out a new recipe in the kitchen.

If you've fallen into the habit of eating the same meals over and over again, this routine can make you feel bored. Try switching it up in the kitchen by challenging yourself to try one new recipe a week.

Take your vitamins.

While there are no miracle vitamins to instantly make you feel 10 years younger, ensuring that you're meeting your daily nutrition needs is one way to promote a healthy life.

According to the Huffington Post, adding more vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin D to your diet can help strengthen bones, slow the breakdown of collagen, and help repair fine lines.

Quit any bad or unhealthy habits.

If you want to look and feel younger, quitting any unhealthy habits you may still hold on to is one way to live a healthier lifestyle.

Premature skin aging has been linked to chronic cigarette smoking. Carbon monoxide found in cigarette smoke can prevent the skin cells from getting enough oxygen, while nicotine can result in decreased blood flow to the organs and the skin, resulting in sagging and wrinkled skin. The harmful effects smoking has on your overall health can reportedly make you look and feel much older than you really are.

Take a virtual yoga class.

Getting your body moving is one of the best ways to feel younger and, according to American Senior Communities, yoga has been called one of the best forms of exercise for older adults. Yoga is an excellent low-impact exercise that promotes flexibility, balance, and mental wellbeing while getting the heart pumping and muscles moving as well. 

Put some effort into your skincare routine.

On top of eating a healthy diet and making sure your body has enough vitamins and nutrients to promote healthy skin, using the right skincare products can also improve the appearance of your skin and make you feel and look more youthful. 

Products that are highly moisturizing, like serums, and loaded with vitamin C can reportedly improve the appearance of fine lines.

Wear sunscreen.

While experts argue it is much harder to reverse the effects of aging on the skin, preventing damage can be done with the use of sunscreen containing an SPF of 30 or higher.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, wearing sunscreen regularly can help prevent skin cancer, premature skin aging, dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

"Whether you're on a beach vacation or your daily commute, it's crucial to protect yourself from exposure to harmful UV rays on a regular basis," board-certified dermatologist Arianne Shadi Kourosh said. "If you want healthy, younger-looking skin, it's better to prevent now than try to correct later. If you have questions about sun protection, talk to a board-certified dermatologist." 

Get dressed and ready in the morning.

The saying goes that if you don't look your best, you won't feel your best. Simply putting in the effort to get washed and dressed in the morning — even if you don't have anywhere to be that day — can make all the difference in how you feel.

When it comes to what to wear, stylists told Reader's Digest that bright colors, fun patterns, and slightly cropped clothing can make people appear younger.

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